Rope access system (initially developed from the Mountaineering techniques) is a form of work positioning system which permits access to difficult to reach locations without use of Scaffolding, Cradles or Aerial platforms. Rope access techniques have been used by the Industry for more than three decades and has an excellent safety track record. Rope access is a Time saving, cost effective, Safe & highly adaptable technique.

Pioneer Inspection with our joint venture company Dean Rope Access Ltd. UK has been consulting with several off shore companies with regard to a safe and efficient manner to their work scopes for several years of working at height behind company. Company have no hesitation to stopping a job that could lead to an LTI although a good planned risk and method statement will reduce any possible (WHAT IFS) when carrying out w work scope.

 Which have very big experience in rope access technique, is a front runner in the Rope Access field offers complete Inspection, Maintenance and Repair services utilizing IRATA qualified technicians. IRATA safety procedures are being strictly adhered to. Compliance to ISO 22846-2:2012 & EN standards.