Pioneer Inspection services is a company which offers variety of services relating to manufacturing, industrial, marine, Oil & Gas Industry. Services include Complete range of Testing, Inspection, verifycation and certification, Tubular Maintenance and Management services, Lifting equipment inspections & Rope access services in order for the client to protect and maximize their investment returns. Third party services such as Pressure test witnessing, trip inspection, Tubing running Inspection, Mill surveillance are also offered to ensure the complience with API, manufacturers & customer specifications

Company possess most advanced inspection equipment’s operated by highly skilled, experienced, qualified and certified inspection personnel with professional certificates (PCN &ASNT Level-II in MT, PT, UT, EMI, Standard DS-1 & NS-2) having International inspection background. Company is having EMI equipment’s,Drill Pipe end area UT inspection equipment, Full Length UT Inspection equipment and Complete BHA Inspection Equipment’s.Apart from the inspection equipment’s, Company has the Load cells, Shoulder Prefacing Tools, Videoscopefor internal surface Inspection, Internal and External Buffing, Cleaning and Coating Facilities

Company have strong technical back support from Dean Rope Access Service ltd. (UK), which enables the company to provide a perfectly organized best, prompt, quality and high standard service to its customers. Inspection crew will be available round the clock and company can perform all inspection services even in any emergency of the customer. Company have separate QA / QC Department for the calibration of its equipment’s, to provide training for its staff of each level and safety department for the protection of health and safety of its employees and the environment.


Our continued success is dependent on increasing the loyalty of our customers. Listening attentively to customers to truly understand their needs and then delivering services for customer success. With this shared vision built the Company together, from the individual employee through to the corporate level.

Growth comes on taking smart risks, based on our quality & customer satisfaction. Our medium-to-long-term corporate vision clearly sets out how we visualize ourselves as a company, the direction in which we plan to progress, and the areas in which we aim to expand our business with great success.


At Pioneer Inspection, we view quality as an integral part of our business management. Attitude or mind-set and commitment enhance quality improvement, which is an essential business strategy and personal responsibility for everyone at PIS. Quality in management is vital for leveraging innovations and improving productivity in general. We believe that quality lies in meeting and exceeding customer expectations. Taking this personally, we are able to deliver world-class quality to our customers.

Pioneer Inspection provides the best possible inspections services with the current strength of existing equipment and personnel. The company have own procedures which complies international standards & performs the inspections in accordance with the policies and procedures outlined as per international standards like but not limited to API, DS-1, ASME and ANSI Codes, which clearly elucidates equipment used for inspections, inspection performance, equipment calibration and standardization schedule, and making reporting procedures etc.

Pioneer Inspection also ensures that the safe keeping of equipment and appropriate technology is made available to our staff to enable them to carry out their functions in a professional manner. The Company has in support strong engineering and knowledge base for selection of equipment which meets international safety standards.

Development of a qualified Inspector is attained through professional excellence, in house quality management courses and constant up gradation of technique and related skills on a continuous basis.

Housekeeping, Health and Safety aspects are addressed in a proficient manner, adapting the set principles and procedures.